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Transdual View
Friday, November 26, 2004  
Seeking What is Outside

Existence is always more than and different from our experience of it. Our maps and worldviews are always of limited use, and always ultimately wrong. They are born our of certain inner and outer situations, and when these situations change, the maps must change to still be of use to us.

Every experience, view, map and statement is limited. It draws a line and leaves something outside. And this needs to be actively brought into awareness to experience a more whole and nuanced view. Which again leaves something out. It is a continuous process.

This also highlights the importance of moving beyond an adversarial approach, both in our own life and as a society and culture. We all have a piece of the "truth". Our views are by necessity formed by our experiences, and - equally by necessity - different from each other. We have all experienced different aspects of the world. We all have valuable insights. And - with the right container - we can move beyond one-sidedness and into a richer and more whole view of the situation.

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