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Transdual View
Monday, October 11, 2004  

Existence is set up as an endless series of polarities: existence/nonexistence, matter/mind, etc. And they are all expressions of that which is beyond and embraces all dualities.

We habitually tend to embrace one end of each polarity and reject (or regard with less fondness) the other end of the polarity. Through this, we are creating a fragmented experience of the world for ourselves. We see the poles, but not the polarities. We see the fragments, but not the whole.

A spiritual path is to go deeper into both ends of all polarities. We explore and deepen our experience of...
  • Our limited human animal nature (small mind) and our infinite nature (big mind). Through this, we experience the continuum they belong to.
  • Differentiation (duality) and unity (non-duality) . Through this, we move into trans-duality.
  • The "light" and "dark" aspects of ourselves. Embracing, relaxing into and bringing awareness into both, beyond notions of good and evil.
... by deepeining our experience of both ends of each polarity, we move into trans-duality.

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