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Transdual View
Monday, October 11, 2004  

There seems to be a trend in the evolution/development of consciousness (or rather how it is expressed)...
  1. Unconscious unity
    Matter, plants, most species in infancy and adulthood, human infants, etc.
  2. Conscious duality
    Children and some non-human species awakening into it, human adults refine it
  3. Conscious duality & conscious unity
    The experience of both deepened and embodied. A trans-dual awakening. This is expressed by some humans, and humanity may move into it more fully at some point if we are around long enough.
It is a process that is expressed on a macro-level (Universe, Earth and species as a whole) and a micro-level (individuals).

The Universe evolved/expressed consciousness, first a "sleeping" unity consciousness through matter and plants, then a half-awake duality through animals, and finally a more fully-awake transdual awareness through some human beings.

It seems that humanity as a whole has spent the last several millennia evolving and refining awareness of dualities, which has now reached a preliminary peak in the modern western mindset (people aware of differentiation, individuality and separation, and less aware of the unity). A coming phase in human evolution may be the natural unfolding of a more trans-dual awareness on a larger scale.

On an individual level, we need to explore and deepen our experience of the differentiation (and develop a personality able to function effectively in the world) as well as the unity - the seamless nature of existence. For me, I have found several approaches to be invaluable in this, for instance Zen, Big Mind, Breema and Process Work...

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