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Sunday, August 08, 2004  
Breema : beyond dualitites

I have found Breema to be a wonderful way to deepen my connection to my body, and to explore the dance between the absolute (beyond dualities) and relative (dualitites/differentiation).

Here are some of its effects for me. Each come up now and then. Each is a direct experience. And each continually deepens...
  • Deepening connection with the body.
    Through bringing the mind (attention) to the body, feelings join.
  • Present
    When the mind/body/feelings are joined, I am present. There is no room for being lost in thought of past/future, or being caught up in reactive emotions (sympathies and antipathies).
  • No separation
    There is no separation among body/mind/feelings. There is also no separation between me and the other body. And no separation between me and the rest of the world. I experience it as a seamless whole.
  • Softening
    Rigid patterns and habits on many levels (mental/emotional/physical/behavior) decrystallize. There is a softening that allows me perspective and conscious choice.
  • Self-healing
    It opens up for the natural self-healing processes to take place, again on many levels (mental/emotional/physical/interpersonal). When I get out of my own way (let go of attachments to habits that produce/reflect imbalance), remarkable healing can take place.
  • Mutual support
    Giver and receiver both benefits. When I give, I benefit as much as (if not more) than when I receive. It goes beyond egotism (doing it for myself) and altruism (doing it for another).
  • Beyond doing/not doing
    It goes beyond doing and not doing. There is a sense of "nothing happens" (no effort, no willful action, no sense of separation). Yet, something does happen (bodies move, there are experiences).
  • Beyond simple/complex
    It goes beyond simplicity/complexity. It is simple. It is what is when there is no extra. When I get out of my own way. It is also immensely complex. An eternal and continuously deepening exploration.
  • Nine principles
    The nine principles are there effortlessly. And my experience with/understanding of them continues to deepen. It becomes simples, richer, and more encompassing.
  • Beyond dualities
    It goes beyond dualities: body/mind, self/other, self/world, egotism/altruism, doing/not doing, simple/complex, gentle/firm

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