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Friday, January 02, 2004  

Knowing how to recognize and work with the Shadow is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition to move beyond a blindly dualistic world experience.

And luckily, there is an easy (although not always simple) way of working with the Shadow: To make a habit of recognizing in ourselves any quality we see in the outer world that we experience aversion (and sometimes attraction) towards. The Shadow is those qualities in ourselves that are not compatible with our conscious self-image, formed by culture and experience.

Learning this process will help us always move beyond what we experience as ourselves, and experience ourselves in a richer way. What seemed useless and maybe dangerous, will become useful and valuable sources of energy and compassion. We become more fully human, recognizing in ourselves what we see in others. It opens up for more true empathy, and to more choices (we do not blindly react, but have more choices in how to respond). We move beyond blind duality, blind "us-them" perceptions, and into "we".

When we become comfortable with the Shadow (or rather the process of integrating Shadow aspects), we can see any quality in the outer world, or be called anything, and say "yes, that is true, I do have those qualities also in me", and be quite comfortable with it.

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