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Transdual View
Friday, January 02, 2004  

Working with the Shadow is one aspect of working with projections in general.

Everything we see in the outer world, is also there in the inner world - either as potentials or more unfolded and expressed. When we experience attraction or aversion towards anything in the outer world, it is a sign that we are not fully aware of those same qualities in ourselves.

Attraction and aversion are invaluable signposts showing the way towards a richer experience of ourselves, and deeper humanity.

A simple way of working with projections is to make it a habit of recognizing in ourselves what we see in others. To explore those qualities, and how they enrich our lives. We find a process where we continuously and gradually move beyond our (perceived) limitations and into new and richer terrain and opportunities. We slowly find a source of deeper empathy, and move beyond "us-them" to "we". Our world becomes larger and richer.

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