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Transdual View
Sunday, November 23, 2003  
Transdual Experience

Some notes on a transdual experience, from my own experience and that of others:

1. A transdual experience is within reach of everyone. Not everyone will experience it in a given lifetime, but it is always just a hairbreadth away from typical day-to-day awareness. Openings can occur through one or more of the following: (a) A regular and guided spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, yoga etc). (b) Drugs. Only some drugs, the setting must be right, and it tends to be somewhat out of control (not recommended, although it can be the beginning of a spiritual practice for some). (c) A luminous experiences triggered by nature, ritual, etc. Often something that opens for an experience of being a small part of an immensely large and beautiful whole.

2. A transdual experience can be integrated into day-to-day awareness through a regular and guided spiritual practice. The openings may be very strong, and difficult to ground in everyday life w/o the support of a daily practice and guidance of an experienced teacher.

3. It is trans-dual, beyond and integrating a dualistic experience. It integrates (a) oneness (all one, beyond dualities), and (b) differentiation (duality). Oneness w/o differentiation leads to an inability of choice and action (not grounded). Differentiation w/o oneness leads to blind attractions and aversions (not flexible). Both together leads to flexibility and choice.

4. It is the experience shared by saints, gurus and authentic teachers from all major (and many minor) spiritual traditions. Each expressed it in their own way depending on the situation (culture, existing spiritual traditions, what would be most useful for people to hear/learn, personal inclinations etc). It is shared by many more than these - only a few become (well known) teachers.

5. From a transdual perspective, it is really one mind - that reveals itself to itself through individuals. It can never be lost, never be stained. It is always there, although not always experienced consciously by individuals - and rarely or never fully and completely expressed in any individual's life.

6. From a transdual perspective, the world is beyond and embraces dualities: Existence and nonexistence, awareness and non-awareness, life and non-life, matter and spirit, mind and body, right and wrong. All these are expressions and born from what is beyond all dualities.

7. From a transdual view, the world is always more than and different from our experiences of it. (a) Everything is always in flux, nothing is fixed. There is nothing to hold onto. (b) We perceive only fragments and aspects of a much larger whole. Our ideas and views are always limited (and thus ultimately wrong). (c) The world is beyond duality. Words differentiate and can only express dualities (although poetry and seeming paradoxes can hint at the transdual).

8. A transdual experience has (at least) two major aspects: (a) Insight/mind and (b) compassion/heart. It leads to insights in the world and the human mind. It also leads to a spontaneous and naked gratitude and a compassion for all life.

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