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Friday, July 11, 2003  
Human Maturity

The first signs of human maturity comes when we...

(a) Extend our circle of considerations to all beings. When we see all life as ourselves (by recognizing in ourselves what we see in the other). When we treat others as we would want to be treated if we were in their situation.
(b) Experience reverence for all phenomena. It is all expression of the same whole. It is all a miracle. It is a tremendous miracle that anything at all exists.
(c) Experience the whole - beyond polarities. Directly perceive the whole that all phenomena and polarities are an intrinsic part and expression of.
(d) Can let go of specific ideas and see situations more as they are.
(e) Realize that what we see in the outer world is also there in the inner world. We perceive them through recognition. There is no absolute separation.
(f) Experience all phenomena as expressions of that which is beyond polarities (God, Spirit, the Absolute). Beyond polarities of existence and nonexistence, life and nonlife, matter and spirit. Beyond limited conceptions and ideas.
(g) When these realizations emerge organically from direct experience and practice. When they are naturally expressed as our true nature.
(h) Directly experience inner and outer phenomena as expressions of that beyond polarities and aspects of a seamless whole. Experiences, thoughts, emotions, ideas, the sky, a mountain, cities, stars, galaxies, wars, disease, happiness, delusion, enlightenment...
(i) Experience true humility - realizing that our experience is always limited. The world is always more and different from our experience of it.
(j) Experience true compassion - from recognizing in ourselves what we see in others. We are all in the same boat. We share this life together.
(k) Embark on a practice to explore the nature of the world and our mind - and realize that it is a practice with no end.
(l) Realize that all phenomena are expressions of that beyond and embracing all polarities (God, Spirit, the Absolute). I am not "I". No phenomenon is limited to what it may appear to be.
(m) Experience all as flux. There is nothing to hold on to but the change.
(n) Experience that nothing exists separately from anything else. It is all expressions of that beyond polarities. It is all part of a seamless whole.
(o) Enjoy life as it is. No need to add or subtract anything (and we cannot even if we tried).
(p) Experience life fully - letting go of fixed ideas of future and past, right and wrong.
(q) Live our life in service to the larger whole - to human society, Earth, all life. Realizing we are all expressions of the same whole, and that beyond polarities.
(r) Realize that all is perfect as is, and there is always much room for improvement.
(s) Realize that these realizations are natural expressions of the nature of all that is.
(t) Realize that realization is only the first step. Living it is the main work - and there is no end to bringing it more fully into our lives. We are always at our first step - in this and all we do.


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